What Would You Do with Just One Hour in Buffalo?

In June I made a tearful goodbye to the beautiful city of Buffalo, all while looking forward to a new start in Northern New York. It’s been exactly three and a half months since I moved from my little Buffalo apartment, and it didn’t take long for me to begin missing the city I had begun to call home.

Life in Northern New York is a bit slower (slower to catch on to new trends and slower physically). I have to travel an hour or more for a café that serves fresh juice and P!nk is still playing on the radio regularly. But the benefit of a slower life means no 290 traffic at 5:00 and unless you run into an Amish wagon, you’ll rarely meet traffic at all.

Amish Arbys

Amish at Arby’s in Northern NY

Needless to say, I’ve come to miss many things about Buffalo in my short time away. That is why (when summoned to pay a speeding ticket) I took full advantage of a very, very short amount of time in Buffalo. For a few hours I was able to bask in a typical Buffalo Wednesday afternoon. I think I smiled the whole entire time.

So what did I do with my afternoon in Buffalo? (– after paying my ticket of course.)


The Walden Galleria. For all of its commercialized greatness, the Galleria Mall was calling my name on my way into the city. I stopped at Anthropologie and bought an oven mitt and browsed for creative inspiration for my new home. Not a stop I would recommend to everyone but it was good for my soul.

Buffalo Favorite Foods

Some of my most-missed items from Buffalo


I hopped on the 33 and made my way towards Delaware Park. I knew I didn’t have enough time to get out and truly embrace it for all it’s worth, but I couldn’t resist a slow drive by some of my favorite mansions. I waved at them and promised someday I’d be back to buy them.



The Lexington Co-op – my one-stop-shop for all of my Buffalo favorites. I bought two local peaches, some plain Bread Hive bagels, 5 bricks of First Light Farm cheese, Lexington Co-op fresh peanut butter, and a salad and some grape leaves from Lexi’s Kitchen.

Ashker's Fresh Pressed Juice

Ashker’s Fresh Pressed Juice


Ashkers. As I’ve mentioned, the closest fresh juice to me (until I can invest in my own juicer) is an hour away, and I’ve come to realize that no juice is as good as Ashkers cold-pressed juices. I stocked up on 6 jars of a colorful variety and chugged two glasses of their glorious infused water from the free water bar. I love you, Ashkers.


Lloyd. He was hanging out at Buff State when I was driving by and I couldn’t resist stopping for a taco. I was really full from my array of Co-op & Ashkers, so I indulged in one black bean taco with pickled onions. Gosh, I’ve missed those pickled onions.

Lloyd Taco Trucks

Lloyd Taco Trucks


I scheduled a Craigslist buy. I know. This took me by surprise too. While living in Buffalo, I didn’t realize just how amazing the Craigslist selection is. You have to seriously appreciate the volume of antiques and salvaged building materials that Buffalo provides. It was only when I started looking around the Watertown Craigslist that I truly came to appreciate Buffalo Craigslist. The prices are unbeatable, and the character of the items you find is second to none. I bought an industrial pendant light from a guy in Amherst.

It was after my Craigslist score that I headed back to the throughway and made the journey to my new home in the North. It wasn’t a long enough stay and I know I’ll be back as soon as my five bricks of cheese run out. But I am curious, what would you do with only one hour in Buffalo? If you left, what would you miss the most?

 – Next time I plan on stopping at Amy’s Place, seeing more friends, hitting up a Saturday morning estate sale, catching a UB distinguished speaker, and stuffing my face at Don Tequila.


Written by Haleigh Daino

Haleigh Daino

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2 Responses to “What Would You Do with Just One Hour in Buffalo?”

  1. Lori

    Lovely article! I tried to leave this town twice but came right back. I would hit Elmwood– pop into Goodbar to see Rich. Pop into Coles, maybe Panos—Lexington would be on my list too. ETS? Yes please. Check up on the Sabres and go get spaghetti at Santeserios on Niagara. Gypsy Bar? Haven’t been in but had some amazing take out from there. Stroll the Richardson Complex? Albright Knox? Shakespeare in the park? Gosh you need way more than an hour….a tour of Forest Lawn? The list could contin—Harborside? No,no,no I’m stopping now. Luckily from my Amherst abode I can do all those things and someday may just move into that fabulous city!

    • Phil

      We agree! Way too many awesome places to check out in just an hour. Great list of spots though. Good mix on your list of food and culture.


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