Top 10 Things To Buy At The Broadway Market

Easter season is almost over, but there is still time to get to the Broadway Market! Though likely it will be very busy you still have a chance to get all of your favorite things.

There is an abundance of different items that you can purchase but we narrowed it down to the most important. Here is our top 10 list:




1. Easter Sunday Meat: Ham and Holiday Sausage

• No Easter meal is complete without a ham or a pile of Polish Sausage. In Buffalo ham is not the only the traditional Easter choice of meat, but there is also Polish Sausage. Whether smoked or fresh, ask for the delicious holiday sausage – which has more marjoram and garlic in it. There are a few excellent meat markets at the Broadway Market and any shopper will argue who has the best.

Polish Sausage



2. Butter Lamb

• A WNY staple, most of the rest of the country has no idea what this is. Ranging from 2oz to 6oz, all the way to 2lbs, the butter lamb will have your guests asking ‘heads or tails.’ There’s even a 16oz that is called ‘Curly Dog.’

Butter Lamb



3. Pierogies

• The traditional types of pierogies are potato, farmer’s cheese and sauerkraut. You now can get all manner of fillings prepared from local vendors at the market. Anything fried in butter cannot go wrong.




4. Cross Bread

• The traditional Easter Cross Bread – unsliced loaf of rye bread with a cross on the top.

Cross Bread



5. Hand Painted Easter Eggs

• These traditional painted eggs are as beautiful as they are colorful.

Hand Painted Easter Eggs



6. Fresh Horseradish

• Nothing clears your sinuses quite like freshly grated horseradish and the market has more than its fair share. If you like the flavor but can’t handle the heat, get the red kind as it is made with beets and will tone down the flavor. You can also sample each kind right at the market.




7. Chocolate

• As one of the most non-religious traditional Easter items, chocolate can be found in abundance at the Broadway market. From molded chocolate bunnies to sponge candy, and even chocolate covered Peeps! They have it all!

Sponge Candy



8. Placek

• This is actually a catch-all for traditional Easter Polish pastries. Each and everyone have their own particular level of deliciousness.




9. Kiszka

• Some of you might be familiar with the song ‘Who stole the Kiszka’, but have any of you actually had one?

A Kiszka is a barley oat-based sausage made up of all the things we normally don’t talk about… snouts, cheeks, ears and unmentionables… and to some old school Polish folks, no Easter is complete without one of them at the dinner. You will find Kiszka at the market, not to mention a wide variety of other bizarre meats.




10. Anything with the Polish Falcon on it

• If you haven’t actually been to the Broadway Market, you won’t know that there are shops dedicated to anything and all Polish Falcon. It is clear that the Polish Pride is strong in Buffalo and it is represented strongly here. Whether you want a t-shirt, flag, headband or even an umbrella, you can purchase it here.

Polish Flag


Written by Erica Brotz

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