Super Friends Take Their Talents To The Niagara Falls Comic Con

Super Friend Sean B here and I’ve got some BIG NEWS!!!

Okay, deep breath – The All New Super Friends Super Show league is heading north to the Niagara Falls Comic Con at the Scotiabank Convention Centre, in Niagara Falls, Canada on June 6th and 7th!

This is the first time that the Super Friends will be hitting the road, and we cannot be happier then to have our first destination be to the Niagara Falls Comic Con.

This year the Comic Con is going to be one of the biggest cons Niagara Falls has put on, with a menagerie of attractions.

First and for most this year’s con will spread itself across over 200,000 square foot boasting over 120 exhibitors that will include; Adorkable Creations, One Eyed Cat Comics, Al’s Toy Barn, Rare Hunters, over sixty artists in Artist Alley, The Batcopter, K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider, Daleks and even Storm Troopers for your inner geek to swoon over!

There will also be classic WWE stars like The Iron Sheik, King Kong Bundy and Nikolai Volkoff there to make you feel that tights still look good on you.

Secondly, this year the Falls Horror Fest will be attending, which sounds amazing to this Super Friend! The Horror Fest brings over thirty booths including Devil’s Latex, Darksunshine Skullz, the Horror Writers Association and even Anchor Bay Entertainment who will be celebrating their 20th year at Niagara Falls Comic Con by screening the terrifying new film, EJECTA.

There will be over thirty celebrity guests this year; including Linda Blair from The Exorcist, Chained Heat and Savage Street; Manu Bennett who plays Deathstroke from the Arrow television show; Billy Dee Williams from Undercover Brother, Batman and the Original Star Wars trilogy; Ken Foree from Kenan and Kel and The Devil’s Rejects; Sean Astin from the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Goonies, and so many others that I think my head will explode!

Then we get to the namesake of the Con, the comics! This year there will be nineteen of some the best comic book artists and writers such as Francis Manapul, Yanick Paquette, Amanda Conner, Gerry Conway and a handful of other great talents.

Two days, cosplay, two floors of Geekdom and The All New Super Friends Super Show league will be reporting it all back to you.

Stay tuned to The All New Super Friends Super Show for all the latest updates about Niagara Falls Comic Con and make sure to like us on Facebook and download the podcasts from ITunes.

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