Real. Buffalo. People. | Erich Foster [VIDEO]

Buffalo is full of interesting people who love to call this area home. A couple months ago, we wrote about the man with the Buffalo ink who has a sleeve dedicated to the Queen City. Erich Foster is the one who tattooed that sleeve and many others around the world.

We wanted to highlight his love for the area and his career as an artist. If you’ve ever had a chance to meet Erich, you’ll know his love and appreciation for Buffalo is unmatched. He loves taking people around the city, showing them the amazing architecture and historical landmarks at the Naval Park at Canalside. Swing by Rise Above Classic Tattooing on Delaware near Hertel the next time you’re thinking of getting a tattoo.

Written by Phil


Buffalo, NY. Bills Fanatic. Queen City Romantic. Vegan. Tattooed Professional. St. Bonaventure Grad. #XVX

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