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The 2nd Review Summary of Podcast #62

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Get ready for For Honor Season 2

As we reach the end of For Honor’s 1st season contest, Ubisoft is making it known about changes and additions coming to the game soon. As reported, For Honor season 2 will feature 2 new heroes, new maps, new epic rarity gear, customization items and new updates. For the newest heroes, they are the Shinobi & the Centurion.

The Shinobi will come bearing the Kusarigama, a pair of sickles that will be a fast paced fighter. The Centurion comes bearing a Roman Gladius and will be a close quarters combatant. Players who purchased the ill-advised season pass will have access to the new heroes day one on May 16th and other players will have access to them for steel on May 23rd.

As for what items and the new maps you will have access to, stay tuned for more information and to learn more about these characters, head over to for more information and other For Honor articles.


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