Season 2 Premiere! Lilith, Bam Stroker & Spectrophilia

Episode 1 of Season 2

Welcome to JONNY B! Our newest sacrifice!

History of Vampires, Favorite Media
With your hosts Jay Zippo, Nikki Notaro, Lisa B & Jonny B.


The four dive into the history of Vampires, where they originated from in terms of legend and the real world. Was Lilith the first Vampire or was it Vlad the Impaler? I think everyone has a favorite movie with a vampire in it and we discuss that important topic. As in most episodes, we discuss… can Vampires have sex or procreate? Eventually we get to our articles and they range from the bag of garbage floating in Loch Ness to an underwater burial site. Of course we end on a good note, the new trend of women having long term relationships with ghosts, including some ghost dick.

Read the entire description and listen to the podcast on Midnight Hollow:

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