News & Nonsense The Podcast – April 6

News & Nonsense The Podcast Host – Nick Stutzman

Guest – Nicole Notaro

Listen to this week’s News & Nonsense podcast as we discuss Don Rickles’ passing, Senate going Nuclear, Facebook’s push to stop revenge porn, Taco Squirrel, poop flinging chimp – and more!

Fresh Takes & Hard News Recaps

Legendary Comedian Don Rickles Has Died at Age 90

Republicans Went ‘Nuclear’ to Put Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court

Devin Nunes won’t lead the House’s Russia probe after string of controversies

Facebook’s latest tech can recognize revenge porn and stop it before it’s shared

Twitter suing Homeland Security suggests some of those alt Twitter accounts were real after all

Police drones will watch over runners at this year’s Boston Marathon

Weird News Roundup

Taco Squirrel managed to drag a hardshell taco up a tree

Horse Rescued After Falling Into Hole On The Way Home From Taco Bell

Man Seriously Overreacts When 75-Cent Credit Card Charge Is Declined

Chimp Hurls Feces At Zoo’s Crowd, Nails Grandma Right In The Face

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