Midnight Hollow’s Paranormal Podcast S01 EP02

Buffalo City Life
Buffalo City Life
Midnight Hollow’s Paranormal Podcast S01 EP02

Episode 2 of season 1.
With your hosts Jay Zippo, Jess Brant (DishyDo) and Anna FoFanna (simmer).

Our topic of conversation is Elyse Lam. We discuss her disappearance, death and odd behavior leading up to it. We fire off some theories of our own that might make you rethink some of the facts.

Original Elyse Lam article on Midnight Hollow:

I describe the elevator game totally wrong. Read more on Wiki:

The News Articles:
Ghost caught on CCTV haunting Family Home

Triangular UFO best evidence of Alien Life

Guy Paints the Sex he has with Aliens

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