Midnight Hollow’s Paranormal Podcast – Reincarnation, Karma and that Fishy Fishy Smell

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Buffalo City Life
Midnight Hollow's Paranormal Podcast - Reincarnation, Karma and that Fishy Fishy Smell

Episode 3 of Season 1

With your hosts Jay Zippo, Jess Brant (DishyDo) and Anna (formerly known as simmer).

Our topic of conversation is reincarnation, karma and a few news stories that include a woman getting slapped in the face by a mysterious flying fish.

Articles on reincarnation and life regression

Boy has memories of a past Hollywood Agent

Woman speaks in unknown language:

Physical evidence of reincarnation.

What do you think you will come back as? What do evil or good people come back as?

News Articles

No one wants to be “That Person” who claims to see a UFO

Man wakes up on autopsy tables

Lady gets hit in the head with a fish from the sky:

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