Midnight Hollow’s Halloween Episode 2018!

Buffalo City Life
Buffalo City Life
Midnight Hollow's Halloween Episode 2018!

Episode 11 of Season 1


With your hosts Jay Zippo, Nikki Notaro and Lisa B (L Dubbs).


For our Halloween episode we get personal. What creepy things have happened to Jay, Nikki or Lisa?

The Haunted Barn

Jay recounts a tale of mysterious voices, lights and a hand on a tent in a field. All the occurrences revolves around this old barn that sat next to his best friends house growing up.

Haunted By Demons

In Lisa’s past, she was sick… very sick. One night in a haze of sleep, high fever and medication she experiences Demons coming through her wall, enough so that her mother started to pray!

Poltergeist in the Playroom

Back in the day when Nikki was preggo, she had an elephant toy that used to play with her head… and of course it was always in the dead of the night when no one was around.

You can always watch the entire EP on Youtube:

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