Loch Ness, Teabag Beauty & A Meat Necklace – Midnight Hollow’s Paranormal Podcast

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Loch Ness, Teabag Beauty & A Meat Necklace - Midnight Hollow's Paranormal Podcast

Episode 8 of Season 1

Part One of the Cryptozoologist EP’s
With your hosts Jay Zippo, Nikki Notaro, Lisa B and Hazelnut.


This episode talks about water creatures, mainly Loch Ness and it’s legendary history. We also talk about Ogopogo, Lusca and of course (topless sexy) Mermaids. Then treat yourself to a great article called Forbidden Destinations, great read about crazy places you probably can never visit. Then Zombie worms… yeah. Zombie worms… but the craziness does not stop there, we have a heart warming story about a girl who color blended her face with her boyfriends nutsack. Last but not least, a woman makes a choker with parts off her labia. It’s an action packed EP.

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