El Chupacabra, Mispronunciation and Graham Crackers

Episode 10 of Season 1

Part three of three of the Cryptozoologist EP’s
With your hosts Jay Zippo, Nikki Notaro, and Lisa B (L Dubbs).


In this episode, the trio talks about El Chupacabra and what does it has looked like and how it has changed over 30 years. You can hear Jay Zippo mispronounce it many times and Nikki and Lisa yell at him for it. Then we talk about loch ness pic being taken by a 12 year old from a mile away, a spiderweb beach front and of course Graham Crackers… they were invented to stop masturbation. Yeah, I couldn’t believe that either.

Read the entire description and listen to it on Midnight Hollow!

Written by Buffalo City Life

Buffalo City Life

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