BuffaLove Advice Season 6: Episode 5

This week’s podcast theme will satisfy your sweet tooth as we talk about Halloween

Nikki, Nick, and guest Matt talk about what porn people look at to get them in the spooky spirit along with what costumes you can re-use in the bedroom.

I Measured My Penis for Custom-Fit Condoms and Here’s How They Felt During Sex

SKYN Condoms Survey Reveals The Role Play Millennials Are Into, Based On Their Relationship Status

Why people’s porn searches take a weird turn around Halloween

You can now dress your penis up for Halloween with a jazzy knitted cock sock

Wanting something a little different (Buffalo)

BDSM–>Live-In Sub/Slave !!! 40 (Buffalo)

tired of being alone (buffalo)

Sissy for daddy – t4m (Buffalo)

Comedian – m4w (Buffalo)

Plus a couple of questions are answered.

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Host: Nikki Notaro & Matt Geltz
Announcer & Producer: Nick Stutzman
Intro Music: The Corrections

Written by Buffalo City Life

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