BuffaLove Advice Season 5: Episode 15

We are making the announcement early but we are confident Nick and Nikki make it through their No-Solo June.

Nick discovers he really wants an xhamster love doll

Get out there and have more hanky panky because women have more sex and live longer.

What are the most common issues sex therapists see?

Go off the rails with us and see how funny it is when AI tries to design inspirational posters

Plus everyone’s favorite segment: Craigslist of the week!


Want the ladies to tackle your problem? Do you have an embarrassing sex story, mortifying date experience or relationship confession? Have a discussion topic you’d like to hear on BuffaLove Advice? Want to add your own 2 cents into the conversation? To contact us with your questions, email info@buffalocitylife.com

Host: Dana Stansbury & Nicole Notaro
Announcer & Producer: Nick Stutzman
Intro Music: The Corrections

Written by Buffalo City Life

Buffalo City Life

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