Issue #36 - Super Friends Super Show: Nights

Issue #36: The Bright Knight (Black Panther trailer/poster; Adam West remembered; Wonder Woman could pass Man of Steel; Significant reshoots for JL)

Show Notes:

* We feast our eyes on Wakanda and the Black Panther for the first time and mistakenly refer to Vibranium as Adamantium at least 20 times (A New Super Friends Record!)

* Adam West has passed away. We remember his career and the contributions he’s made to superheroes and the Batman lore

* Wonder Woman is on fire! With a much smaller budget and with limited fanfare, could Wonder Woman overtake Man of Steel at the box office?

* Justice League is mere months away and it getting ready to head back for significant reshoots! Is this is a response to Wonder Woman, or a sign of trouble for the super-team-up?

… All this, plus more superhero movie news and debate!

Featured Super Friends: Sean Dwyer and Sean Brennan

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