The 2nd Review Season 3.95 – Forty Days & Fortnite

The 2nd Review Summary of Podcast #75

Your 2nd Review HostsKaiba & J-Zippo

Not to long ago, we were all talking about PubG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) and how it was dominating the newly revitalized Battle Royale game mode. During that time there was one game that everyone (at the time) dismissed, and that game was Fornite: Battle Royale. Here’s the kicker about it, Fornite: Battle Royale was not the actual game. In fact, Fornite’s main game is a PvE horde mode game where you are task with surviving waves of enemies while building defensive structures to protect a valuable item.

Read the article about Fortnite written by Kaiba:

Todd Howard Is A Tease
Bethesda just teased… strike that… Todd Howard just teased that there is a new game coming out for Bethesda this year. Everyone is speculating, and hoping for their game to be the one coming out.

Read the article about Bethesda written by Jay Zippo:

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