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The 2nd Review Summary of Podcast #67

Your 2nd Review HostsKaiba & Jay Zippo

The ESRB is doing what?

With all the issues surrounding new patents and shady business practices, there wasn’t much more that could drag the gaming industry through the mud. Well, it appears that the ESRB is joining in on the fight for who could make the most amount of mud for the industry by taking a fight that didn’t need to exist with the Indie community. The issue is that Indie developers were allowed to apply for a free digital license and then if they wanted to produce a physical copy, they could take that same license over. Now the ESRB is making those Indie developers pay $3,000 for a physical license even if they have a free digital license. Click here to read the entire story

Activision filing more patents

Activision continues its disgusting run at filing for new patents. After news of their patent for matchmaking debacle, they are now looking to create an overlay on killcams during PvP matches that would allow you to instantly buy a loot crate that would ‘possibly’ contain the weapon, gear, etc. that the player who killed you has. To find out what the patent truly does (and its f***ed up), click the link here

Bring your Torch and Pitchfork!

Prepare yourself for the cesspool that is… Battlefront II’s Reddit Thread

Chocked full of hate, disgust and 13 year olds that don’t know how to spell… it’s a good time for the whole family!

In all reality it has some really interesting reads, information and funny meme’s. If you are at all interested in what is going on with this EA fiasco… this is the place for you.

No Soup For Skyrim!

Skyrim Donald Trump

Bethesda joined in the fray of EA, Activision, Ubi-Soft and even the ERSB (stands for Extracting Rectal Slimy Balls) with their latest venture. It is much more complicated than just saying they are being dicks, but the long and short of it; they put the kibosh on a 4 year long project… kind of.

Skyrim Play Together was set to launch late this year or early next, when Bethesda and partly Steam said nope. The mod can’t use Steam’s API for various reasons. Read the article here.

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