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The 2nd Review Summary of Podcast #63

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BioWare Montreal Disassembled

BioWare Montreal has all but dissolved sending developers to different studios and/or laying them off. The site is now going to essentially be a Customer Service center. Leads me to say “Don’t be a hoser ‘eh.” Mass Effect as a franchise will be shelved and possibly drug out back and shot.

“To be clear, this does not mean layoffs, but rather a reallocation of resources. EA Motive is working on Star Wars Battlefront 2, obviously, a major project, while BioWare Montreal’s reduced responsibilities—Kotaku said…”

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Modder Fights Piracy

A modder who perfected the PC port of the game NieR, added an anti-piracy functionality to his mod. So if a pirated copy of the game uses his mod, it will cease to work and ask the individual to purchase the game. I appreciate the idea but there is a vocal minority (The butt pirates) that is creating a big stink about it. Get it… butt pirates, big stink… ahh nevermind.

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Here is a list of all the playable characters so far in Injustice 2:





Black Adam

Black Canary

Blue Beetle


Captain Cold






Doctor Fate



Gorilla Grodd

Green Arrow

Green Lantern

Harley Quinn


Poison Ivy

Red Hood – DLC pack #1



Starfire – DLC pack #1

Sub-Zero – DLC pack #1



Swamp Thing

Wonder Woman

Additionally, several characters are playable via “premier skins”, which transform existing characters into other DC Comics characters with unique voices and dialogue.

some characters will have ‘premier skins’ which will transform them into other characters much like Green Lantern turned from Hal Jordan to John Stewart. The characters below will be given unique voice and dialogue along with a different outfit for an additional character. They are:

Green Lantern (John Stewart)

Grid – Cyborg alt

Mr. Freeze – Captain Cold alt

Power Girl – Supergirl alt

Reverse-Flash – Flash alt

Jay Garrick – Flash alt

There are 38 total characters (normal, DLC & premier skins) to date and with 6 more DLC fighters to be announced (which many YouTubers have been trying to identify them all), there will be 44 total playable characters in the game. Now, this is not including if NetherRealm Studios decides to add more ‘premier skins’ to the mix. If they do, it could make this game have the most characters out of any Midway/NetherRealm Studio game.

E3 is right around the corner.

With about a month to go before E3 graces us with its presence, it’s kind of scary that there aren’t that many games announced that will be there. So far all we know is that Nintendo will be showcasing their new 3d Mario game, Microsoft will “hopefully” showing the Scorpio and Sony is teasing some huge project. We also know that Bungie will be bringing Destiny 2 for a new reveal trailer and information. Hopefully, there will be a flood of information soon as E3 is not too far away.

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