The 2nd Review Season 2+1 – Mario Plumbing Nipples

The 2nd Review Summary of Podcast #66

Your 2nd Review HostsKaiba, No Name Mike & Jay Zippo

The team returns after a 2-month hiatus to bring you a new take on all the news that has been present in the gaming world. From the issues plaguing the quality of Shenmue 3’s ‘nostalgic look’, what truly happened to Mass Effect Andromeda & EA Montreal and why this is a serious issue for the franchise as a whole.

We also dive into the issue that is now plaguing Youtube and more specifically the gaming industry’s presence on the largest video site, but there is hope in it all. Bethesda released some ‘interesting’ news for their Creation Club and let’s just say it’s bad.

But don’t forget, Mario’s Nipples. Listen to our newest episode to find out about this and all our big stories.

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