Issue #29 - Super Friends Super Show: Nights

Issue #29: “Jar Jar’s Sad Clown Car” (Mel Gibson to Direct Suicide Squad; Marvel’s Secret Empire; Batman Solo film update; Jar Jar Bink’s sad fate in Star Wars: Aftermath)

Show Notes:

* DC/WB’s on-going director saga continues! Today’s director of the day is the much maligned Mel Gibson – who’s apparently in early talks to take on SUICIDE SQUAD 2;

* Another day; another Marvel Comics crossover event! We have more information on their upcoming SECRET EMPIRE event and what to expect from super-heel Captain America;

* Just when it sounded like the Batman solo-film might be getting some stability in the form of a well regarded director, it appears the search continues… Plus, rumors are indicating that Affleck might be stepping away entirely;

* Thanks to the most recent Star Wars: Aftermath novel, we get to see what’s become of Jar Jar Binks in the new Star Wars continuity

… All this, plus more superhero movie news and debate!

Featured Super Friends: Sean Dwyer, Nick Stutzman and Sean Brennan

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