Super Friends Super Show - Issue #170

Buffalo City Life
Buffalo City Life
#170! Super Friends Super Show

Issue #170: “The Benefit of Parasite” (New Venom; Batista threatens Disney over GotG3; Picard returning to Star Trek; Red Skull’s future in MCU) 

Show Notes:

We’ve feasted our eyes on Sony’s Venom trailer and we’re ready to share our thoughts and predict how the film will fare at the box-office. Can Venom be Sony’s answer to Spider-man? * Dave Batista might be gearing up to deliver a Batista Bomb to Disney’s plans for Guardians of the Galaxy if things don’t go his way. Could Batista be taking his loyalty to James Gunn too far at the risk of torpedoing GotG3? * Patrick Stewart is ready to reprise his role of Captain Picard in a new Next Generation-era Star Trek series!  The Super Friends attempt to recall how the Next Generation’s 1994 series finale ended and whether or not everyone died and/or should we expect for Picard to return as a French Space Zombie * We also discuss recent interesting comments from the Russo Brothers that potentially leaves the door open for the Red Skull to truly re-enter the fold MCU

… All this, plus more superhero movie news and debate!

Featured Super Friends: Sean Dwyer, Sean Brennan & Adam Patterson

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