Scenes Of Buffalo: HarborCenter’s Winterfest @ Canalside

Steaming clouds of mist; a chilly breeze coming in off the lake; the sound of kids laughing while ice skating. This is Buffalo’s new Canalside. While the unveiling for Canalside was only 3 weeks ago, this ice rink seems to have brought in laughter that Buffalo has sorely needed. Canalside, which sits on the location of the old Memorial Auditorium, is bringing families and smiles to downtown Buffalo.

While the tower of the HarborCenter isn’t fully built, that hasn’t stopped them from hosting Winterfest at Canalside this past weekend. Three fun filled days of ice skating, curling, music, food and, of course, hockey. While many people were just getting onto the ice, there were even more strapping on ice skates to join the fun.  The music, reminiscent of Rainbow Roller Rink in the 90’s, filled the air and you could see the excitement on peoples faces to have an outdoor rink in their hometown.

Don’t forget to check out what’s going on at Canalside before you head down!


Written by Ryan Gierke

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