Escape Rooms Are Taking Over The City: Buffalo’s New, Fun Brain Teaser Adventure

Because of the popularity of escape rooms, chances are you’ve come across something somewhere speaking about an escape room adventure in Buffalo. You can even try out escape rooms at home.

And if you haven’t then let me enlighten you to how awesome the escape rooms in Buffalo are.

What Are Escape Rooms?

Doing a quick Google search for you, according to Wikipedia Real-life room escape “games are a type of physical adventure game in which people are locked in a room with other participants and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within a set time limit.”

Escape Rooms Are Taking Over The City: Buffalo’s New, Fun Brain Teaser Adventure

To put that definition in more laymen terms think of an escape room as like in the movie Saw, with interactive puzzles that are tied into the unique themes and stories, and once you enter you have around 60 minutes to complete. Except no one is chained to a pipe and Billy the Puppet doesn’t appear to creep you the hell out though that would certainly be a sweet theme for a horror-style escape room if you ask me.

I was fortunate enough to grab a group of friends (3 – 6, sometimes 8 people) and participate in a couple of the amazingly fun local escape rooms, Queen City Escape, and Escape Room Buffalo.

From my experiences, you want to show up early to see what everything is about and prepare for the story. I cannot stress this enough as a hint for those looking to try an escape room, communication is key.


Travel Back To The 90s At Queen City Escape

Escape Rooms Are Taking Over The City: Buffalo’s New, Fun Brain Teaser Adventure

At Queen City Escape, located at 225 Louisiana St, Buffalo, I was really impressed with what owner- operators Dominic and Sara had put together with their 90’s Time Travel Adventure.

The backstory behind 90’s Time Travel Adventure is that you are sent back to the 90s, and your group has to work together solving puzzles in order to find the Time Machine and get back to your own time.

Dominic and Sara became escape room Otaku after they ventured down to New York City, trying a few of the live action escape rooms that were offered there. After becoming addicted to the phenomena, they set out to create their own and as they consider themselves to be skilled puzzle makers, they didn’t disappoint.

Once we entered the room, I was really absorbed by the throwback items and appreciated all the hard work they put into making the Queen City Escape. As someone who grew up in the 90’s and is a huge fan of the movie Back to the Future, I tried not to “geek” out over the theme, getting down to business – which was to escape in 60 minutes.

From VCR’s and Walkmans to Larry Laserman and Zack Morris cell phones, you really have to have the magic eye to figure out which pop culture items are useful and which items are really just decorations.

Dominic and Sara added another new puzzle for us to guinea pig which we were able to complete, and though my group’s puzzle skills were on point, unfortunately, we were not able “escape” in time, finishing one puzzle short of the hour.

Regardless of that detail, my group definitely felt puzzles were challenging and the room was very engaging, and highly recommend you try this place out.Escape Rooms Are Taking Over The City: Buffalo’s New, Fun Brain Teaser Adventure

Upcoming Special Event at Queen City Escape, Feb 6th the famous Larry Laserman is hosting the 90s Time Travel Adventure! He’s going to give away snap bracelets and other cool 90s stuff. Plus he’s going to introduce the room, pose for pics, and feed the room hints and clues.


Escape The Brewery At Escape Room Buffalo

Escape Rooms Are Taking Over The City: Buffalo’s New, Fun Brain Teaser Adventure

The other room, with a group of co-workers and friends, we were able to escape under the average but not in 60 minutes from The Brewery at Escape Room Buffalo, located at 290 Oliver Street, North Tonawanda.

Co-owners Michael Gersitz and Jessica Farrell had similar inspiration after they created their exceptional escape rooms. With three individual rooms, The Brewery, Prison Break, and The Time Machine, Escape Room Buffalo challenges you and your group to use your brain to escape in 60 minutes.

The backstory of The Brewery is that your Uncle Arthur needs your help and you can’t miss this next big shipment, or the business will go bankrupt. The catch is that Arthur is sick and it is up to just you and the group to save the shipment and the brewery.

I won’t lie, as it was my first time doing something like this, escaping was the last thing on my mind. It was figuring out what to do first.

Clues were scattered across three rooms, and the puzzles are also very interactive. Escape Rooms Are Taking Over The City: Buffalo’s New, Fun Brain Teaser Adventure

We were given seven hints throughout our adventure and Jessica explained to us that as they watched us go through the room it’s obviously not meant to be easy, but that we did really well for our first time. If your group of puzzle aficionados can get out in a quick time, you can put your team name on the leaderboard to show off how fast your time was so there are goals other than making it out in the 60 minute time limit.

Overall both escape room experiences were great and I’m giving it the Buffalo City Life stamp of approval. Everyone that participated with me had a lot of fun, remarking on the fact that they wanted to go through more of them.

And it seems that the escape room sensation is here to stay. Trapped, Lock & Key and Perplexity also offer live-action experiences to those in Buffalo who are looking for this type of fun.

Escape Rooms Are Taking Over The City: Buffalo’s New, Fun Brain Teaser AdventureGather a group of friends or co-workers and if you go to one of the rooms around the city tell us how your experience was below!




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