Catching Up With: Comedian Matt Bergman

Comedian Matt Bergman will be back home for one night only this week, headlining the Friday night showcase at Magruders in Depew. Bergman currently resides in Springfield, Mass., but can be seen on the road all over the country. We were able to briefly catch up with him and see what’s been shaking these last couple years since we last chatted.

Hey man, how’s it going? Where are you at this very minute?

I’m at a coffee shop in Boston about to catch the Celtics game.

We last chatted 2 years ago and I suspect you’ve been up to some fun things since then! At least I hope so, for the sake of this question. What’s the Cliffs Notes on the last 2 years for you? Be as personal or as profesh as you’d like… 

I have. I made my TV debut this year on AXS TV Gotham Comedy Live. Gallagher hosted and he’ll randomly send me emails of him with cats. So that happens now. I’m starting to headline off-nights at Funnybones and Improvs now, which has been great. I’m getting married in less than 3 weeks, which I’m still shocked that a girl would want to marry me but she seems to be all for it. Not too many horror stories this year, which I think means the gigs have gotten better. Maybe this Magruders show will be a horror story, but I doubt it.

Speaking of, how has your album fared this past year? Any plans for another anytime soon?

The album has done great. I’ve sold about 400 hard copies (and people say CDs are dead). I was originally just going to do iTunes only, so I’m glad I didn’t. I’d like to do another in a year. I’m in that stage of trying to develop a new act. It’s definitely the most personal and I’m trying to keep an overall theme to this new 45. It’s fucking tough, though.

What brings you back home and for how long?

I’m just in town for the night. I’m on my way to Akron, OH to do the Akron Civic Theater on Saturday as a part of this great tour that I’m on called “Nobodies of Comedy.” So I’m stopping in Buffalo on Friday. I figured what better place to run the new stuff than the upstairs of a bar in Depew?

What are you hoping to cook up in 2015?

More home cooked meals and less Lean Cuisines. Seriously, I’m really hoping to get on late night TV and also just developing a new act I’m proud of (which I’ll probably never be completely satisfied with. But that’s how it goes).

You can catch Matt at Magruders, 4995 Broadway, Depew, this Friday, April 17, at 9 p.m., $15.

Written by Kristy Rock

Kristy Rock

Kristy’s borderline disturbing obsession with underground comedy first began in the belly of Chicago in 2005 and has continued to present-day Buffalo a decade later. It’s here she acts as managing editor of the city’s comedy website,, and produces a most-ridiculous open mic at Milkies on Elmwood Ave. every Wednesday night. Digital copies of her nationally distributed magazine RE:COM can be downloaded at, iffin yer hankerin’ for yet more nonsense. Too much personal sharing can be found on the Instagram @kristyrock716.

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