Buffalo’s Taco Joints…Old and New

Lovers of tacos rejoice, you now have plenty of delicious options in Buffalo and surrounding areas to quell your savory appetite for quick Mexican fare. In the last few years, new restaurants have opened up in the area offering quick and delicious tacos, burritos and other Mexican favorites. Some taco joints have been around for a while, and maybe you have not had the pleasure of finding them yet. While some are brand new, and some are old, the popular cuisine is taking hold in the area and gaining popularity.

Late night, mid-day, weekend or on a lunch break, visit any of these Taco joints on our list this summer.

We excluded any big chain options (sorry Chipotle lovers,) as well as classic Mexican options where they bring you chips and salsa before you order.

Do not get us wrong, Agave, La Galera, Don Tequila and Grandma Mora’s are great too.

(In no particular order)

Lloyd Taco Factory

No one can deny that the Lloyd Taco trucks have become a staple in Buffalo. With delectable, fresh taco and burrito selections, tasty and uniquely conceptualized specials, and various times and locations available for the public to enjoy, Lloyd owners Pete Cimino and Chris Dorsaneo have accomplished the American dream.

Creating and developing the taco trucks was just the beginning and the next step in the journey is Lloyd Taco Factory, which is now a reality located in the heart of North Buffalo on the fabled Hertel Avenue.

The food menu is still in full effect, so no need to worry about not getting your Big Lloyd or Dirty South fix. With a fully stocked bar as the newest addition to the Lloyd arsenal, the sit down feel is more apparent.


Lloyd Taco Factory

Deep South Taco

As one of the newer local establishments to enter the taco game, Deep South has a different approach than the competition offering more premium gourmet choices tacos and appetizers. The specialty tacos like the Chorizo Verde are not your average tacos. With all the fixings you can see why it is different compared to the other Buffalo competitors.

Deep South entertains guests with their fun and engaging vibe at the bar, loud music, a patio, and TVs scattered around the restaurant. You can bring your family during the day or party at night, especially during the summer months.

Keep an eye out for Deep South Taco adding a second location on Hertel Avenue. Until then head downtown take in the sites and see what all the buzz is about at the Ellicott Street location.

Deep South Taco Buffalo NY

Lone Star Fajita Grill

Hertel Avenue is becoming the Mecca for Mexican food fans. Located near the corner of Hertel and Parker Avenue is a small, but unforgettable, taco temptation. With only a few small tables, this is more of a takeout or order ahead, situation. You will not be disappointed with Lone Star’s homemade, always fresh, guacamole and huge portions of fajitas, tacos, quesadillas and other Tex-Mex fare.

This joint is easy to miss since it’s not very big, but once you have a taste, coming back for more will be a hard thing to forget.

Lone Star Fajita Grill Buffalo NY

Burrito Bay

Two locations outside of Buffalo now exist for Burrito Bay. The original, located on Millersport Highway in Getzville and a second location in Lockport now offer guests two chances at the “Glutton.” It is their signature product. A gigantic three-pound burrito, about the size of a child’s arm, filled to the brim with all the classic fixings – a challenge to consume for any mortal.

How about eating two of them in 30 minutes? That’s what Glutton challengers can try and take on if they so dare.

Other food options include tacos, quesadillas, Mexican salads, and enchiladas. The Bay does not necessarily promote a hangout-type atmosphere with booths and lunch crowd seating. However, the food will not disappoint. Even if you do not live in Lockport or Amherst, this spot may be worth the trip. If you do order the glutton, you probably will have leftovers for the next day too.


Burriot Bay Amherst NY

La Divina Mexican Store

This is as authentic as it gets. Even people from California have backed it up saying, “this is like real Mexican food.” Even though La Divina has a limited menu, the food is authentic and very traditional. For quick, and cheap, tacos, you cannot get a better option than Kenmore’s newest spot located right in the village on Delaware Avenue. It’s not just a restaurant either, as the store sells Mexican soda, food items, and freshly made tortillas.

Try the tacos, tortas or delicious homemade salsa. No matter what you order, it’s going to give you that authentic style and taste. This is a small place, so pick your timing wisely to avoid any crowds. Even for those who live in the city, Elmwood village or North Buffalo, this is not a huge trek for one of the most original tastes in all of Western New York.

La Divinia Mexican Store

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