Buffalo Wears Their Pride On Their Sleeves

There is nothing like the pride we see rallying the residents of the Queen City behind a sports team, local university, special cause, or even the preservation of what makes Buffalo, Buffalo. Others recognize us as the City of Good Neighbors, but more recently, our tailgating (Best in America), our downtown renaissance, best places to live for college transplants, and our growing economy has taken a spotlight.

These things boost our pride for our city, and I know for me, when I went on vacation I wore my pride anytime I could, so that everyone knew I was from Buffalo.

Who doesn’t want to be prideful of their city? Florida, for example, has many transplants. I found while wearing my Buffalo Bills hat around Marco Island, fellow Buffalonians (whether on vacation or otherwise) would come up to me and ask me if I was from Buffalo and if the Bills were going to win this week. My response, “You know it!”

Speaking of things to show off our pride, Buffalo City Life was lucky enough to collaborate with Identity Ink to help with our first Buffalo City Shirt Contest.

For those who weren’t able to participate or vote, we received many well-designed entries for the Buffalo themed t-shirt contest. The turnout was definitely better than expected as designers wanted to show their versions of Buffalo pride with ideas ranging from shirts about our sports teams, alcohol, food and our fantastic architecture. Local man, Austin Seebald was able to grab the Top Prize, and in our eyes, there could have been many winners.

Identity Ink Wants To Help Show That BuffaLove Buffalo Wears Their Pride On Their Sleeves

Identity Ink is a Buffalo business where 99% of their customers are also from the area, which makes the partnership on this contest ever more special. Owner Bill Hermann, has only had the shop in his name for a few years, but the company has been serving the community for over 32 years.

“I’m real proud of the fact we help people tell their stories. We help companies get their name out there, schools show their pride, and the parent see their name on the back of their kid’s jersey.

“We are real proud of being a Buffalo Based Company,” said Hermann.

In the future, Identity Ink plans unveil a new wave of Buffalo themed design apparel.

Stepping into the Elmwood Avenue business in Kenmore, Identity Ink currently features over 20 Buffalo themed t-shirts sprinkled throughout the showroom area. From the contest’s solid response, they are hoping to feature more.

Christina Shults, graphic designer for Identity Ink, grew up in Rochester but once moving here to Buffalo realized how much pride and love the citizens have for the city.

“That’s why Buffalo t-shirts are very popular, people like to wear their city,” said Shults.

Design A Shirt That You Think Represents Buffalo

She’s not kidding, on any given day, in any part of the city, you can find someone representing the city with a Buffalo themed item on. Whether you see a Sabres jersey, University at Buffalo hat, or just a buffalo on a t-shirt – there’s something for everyone to show pride.

With the revitalization of Buffalo, there can be many different designs that could show off what us residents enjoy the most. Canalside, HABORCENTER, possible new downtown stadium… What are some of the things you find city pride in? What are some t-shirt designs you want to see?

If you have a design you think is worthy of BuffaLovers everywhere, reach out to Identity Ink and perhaps it can become one of the new popular shirts everyone has to wear!



Written by Nick Stutzman

Nick Stutzman

“My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.”

Also I am Batman… and a Buffalonian through and through!

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