The Buffalo Pub Tour On Wheels

When something new and exciting comes to Buffalo, I am instantly intrigued and overwhelmed with anticipation to be able to experience it before anyone else. It’s almost like a kid on Christmas. The ability to open up the new present and show everyone else what I am playing with is a cool feeling. It doesn’t always get to happen in my life, so when it does, I take full advantage.

The newest attraction to hit the Queen City is Buffalo Pedal Tours. Some co-workers and I were able to book one of the first tours here in Buffalo, and we were not disappointed.

We all met up outside of what will be the new Big Ditch Brewery to start the tour. Buffalo Pedal Tours proprietor Ken Szal was our navigator for this evening. It’s like riding a bike if you had a 12-man bike hooked up to a moving bar. We took our seats, one by one on the moving pub crawler.

Sitting down, I hooked up my iPod to the speaker, and we started with some cool jams (Queen’s Bicycle Race obviously) heading towards our first stop, the Pan-American Grill & Brewery.

Even in the crisp, colder fall air the people who were on pedal duty peeled off layers of clothing. It’s not that you are burdened by the pedaling. That’s not the issue, unless you are hitting a steep hill. You exert more energy than you realize, and it keeps you warm.

Experience The Tour

It’s pretty cool to pedal around, ring the bell and see the faces of Buffalo residents as we passed them by. That was the best part. People would stop right in the middle of what they were doing just to see what we were doing. You could tell as they watched us ride by they wanted to do it as well. Even the vehicle drivers, who were slowed to a crawl behind us for just a moment, didn’t seem to be at all inconvenienced. They wanted to see what the commotion was about. The thing I appreciated the most was the on-duty officer who flashed his lights in approval as we drove by on Chippewa, that was sweet.

The most fascinating aspect of the tour is how it bonded everyone who was involved. When we parked for our last stop of the evening at Pearl Street Bar & Grill, we went upstairs and they were having a bar wide trivia contest. We all had fun playing the game, really creating a comradery with the group. Though we didn’t win because they had some ringers playing, I think we should get an “A” for effort.

Overall the tour was awesome and will be a great addition to the city of Buffalo. I’m looking forward to doing it again and being able to share the experience with more people. As a resident of Buffalo being able to experience something like this in its infancy is pretty great.

Keep It Classy Buffalo!

Written by Nick Stutzman

Nick Stutzman

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