Silent Film Trying to Bring Attention to Growing Drug Problem

Greg Robbins is no stranger to the filmmaking world. However, there is another world he’d like to shed more light on and bring closer to the public eye. Buffalo has an increasing Herion and opiod addiction prblem, which has unfortunately claimed the lives of many people in Western New York. All too often we hear and see the stories of a life lost, mostly young ones, as a result of the drug’s ever increasing grip and power on the user’s mind and body.

“Through this production I have looked into the eyes of addicts, their families and the civil servants that have been scared by this horrible drug. This is more than a movie; it’s a movement to save lives. Hopefully everyone will join us, watch and share our movie trailer and the film that we are donating”. – Greg Robbins

Camryn Clune, a local Buffalo actress plays the main character, a typical teenager succumbing to the harsh realities of addiction. Not unlike many people in the area, the story hits close to home. Camryn lost an aunt to a fentanyl overdose and an uncle to alcoholism.

“Addiction shows no prejudice.  It can hit anyone from all walks of life. I hope we can touch some lives and prevent this from happening. It’s devastating for the addict as well as their friends and families. Even if we save ONE life it will all be worth it!” – Camryn Clune

In an effort to increase the awareness of heroin and opioid addiction, and to bring light to our city, we help present this short trailer and project.

Consider donating to the Blink of an Eye fundraising page, and visit their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channel. Please support the launch campaign by sharing it through social media channels.

Blink of an Eye will premiere on Sunday May 21 at Evergreen Heath Services in Buffalo.

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