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Another blog about Buffalo? Yes, but we bring our audience something different, the thing making Buffalo such a great place – the people. What is Buffalo? We aim to answer an ordinary question and go beyond simple terms.

Through various media and a new perspective, Buffalo City Life delivers the stories, views and inspirations of the Queen City’s heartbeat. Explore this region and it does not take long to realize the people here have faith in something special and a bond that brings us all together. We believe in something bigger, something better.

Videos, photographs, writing and podcasts: our goal is to bring you a wealth of opportunities to learn and entertain yourself with what Buffalo is. In one form or another, we want to be the voice of Buffalo. How can we do this? Through a steady stream of content to a willing audience, we will do our best to deliver you an unfiltered voice of what makes Buffalo.


This period of Buffalo’s history is the best perspective to bring to the forefront. We don’t want to simply talk about the momentum, the re-birth or the comeback everyone already has heard of. Undoubtedly it will be great. Instead, we want to tell you about the people and stories driving it. Day in and day out people make this place better, stronger and more entertaining. You choose to either embrace it or continue on, blind to the excitement surrounding you.

Every day something unique happens unnoticed. Don’t let it. We want you to bring your story to us, so we can tell it to the world. The future of Buffalo is bright and the greatness of what once was will shine even brighter in the people we know about. After all, we are the City of Good Neighbors. We believe there’s a calling for the content we aim to deliver. Instead of what was, or what happened, we share “what is.”

Join us in a distinctive insight into our city and region. No matter where you’re from, where you’ve been or who you are, Buffalo has something special to offer. Let’s share it with everyone.

Written by Phil


Buffalo, NY. Bills Fanatic. Queen City Romantic. Vegan. Tattooed Professional. St. Bonaventure Grad. #XVX


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