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With just under a week left in 2014, it’s the time of year when many people start making their New Year’s resolutions. For a lot of us, this usually involves some sort of fitness solution or a decision to improve our overall health and wellness. Living in Buffalo isn’t always easy to make the best health conscious decisions, especially when you are surrounded by the decadence of delicious restaurants, unique breweries, and the one thing Buffalo will always be nationally known for – chicken wings!

However, I am here to tell you that not only are there many ways to stay healthy and fit in Buffalo, but you can have fun, stay consistent, and stick to that illusive New Year’s resolution all the way throughout the year.

One of these ways is nestled right in the heart of the Elmwood Village, and when you walk past it, you may not even realize what’s inside. To the casual observer, BikeorBar, located at 904 Elmwood Avenue, may look like a fancy nightclub with strobe lights, disco balls, and booming bass. However, this “bar” has another way to get your heart pounding – fitness classes, that will (for the lack of a better analogy) kick your ass.

This family owned indoor cycling studio opened on Elmwood Avenue just over two years ago and has grown from a modest room containing a handful of stationary bikes to a nearly full service health club offering up to 15 group fitness classes on any given day. Inspired by boutique fitness studios gaining popularity in both New York City and Los Angeles, BikeorBar was the first of its kind in Buffalo, and they continue to be fitness innovators in our city.

My first BikeorBar experience was a little over a year ago, and after hearing rave reviews from a friend (who has since lost nearly 100 lbs. from attending their classes), I decided to give it a shot. As no stranger to indoor fitness classes from the “chain” gyms, I was curious about what BikeorBar could offer me that a place like LA Fitness couldn’t. As it turns out, quite a bit.


Classes include a wide range of unique options, including high intensity indoor cycling, calorie torching cross training (also known as CrossSpin), ballet-inspired barre, water rowing, Surfset Surfboard classes and more. The atmosphere is also one-of-a-kind. All indoor cycling classes are done completely in the dark, complemented by colorful spotlights and giant TVs that are paired with a high output sound system. As someone who gets bored with exercise easily, the “fun” that goes along with these classes help you forget the fact that you are actually working out. Which trust me, you are. After a class at BikeorBar, expect to leave dripping with sweat and having burned anywhere from 500 – 1000 calories.

Owner Alexandra Saia-Leo is a Buffalo native who has more fitness certifications than you can count on two hands. Her expertise is at the helm of a lineup of experienced handpicked instructors, who each have their own brand of fitness, making every class exciting and fresh.

63939_915324058497355_1251900128992293842_nAlex’s own daughter, Brittney Leo, is also an instructor at BikeorBar, and gave me the scoop on one of the new classes coming in 2015.

“Our newest class is called Pound. Using weighted drum sticks, the class consists of a mix of cardio, core work, and lunges, all while synced up to motivating music. We will be the first and only place in Buffalo offering this class. ” Brittney said.

Of course, keep in mind that along with keeping a consistent workout regime, diet is a key factor for maintaining your 2015 goals. Luckily, BikeorBar also offers reasonable diet plans that can easily fit into your lifestyle. They also offer the ability to track your fitness progress through MYZONE heart rate monitors, which will allow you to see the exact amount of calories you burn in real time.

Your first class at BikeorBar will cost a mere $5.00, and beyond that, class packages come in a variety of affordable options. BikeorBar also offers student discounts and accepts Independent Health and BlueCross BlueShield. For more information on class schedules and prices, visit their website for a full breakdown.

With unique places like BikeorBar available to us in our city, maintaining good health and wellness has never been easier. Do you have a favorite unique way to stay fit in Buffalo? Buffalo City Life would love to hear about it! Leave a comment below to tell us about it, and we may pay it a visit in the future!

Written by Lindsay Kustich

Lindsay Kustich

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