5 New Things You Can Do At The Canalside Ice Rink

Last night was the unveiling of the new rink at Canalside and it was a very “Buffalo” event. Hundreds of people stood in freezing weather to celebrate the new rink in true Buffalo fashion.

Here are our top 5 takeaways

1. Buffalo now has the largest ice rink in all of New York State. The space it encompasses is over two NHL regulation sized rinks.

2. Marked on the new rink is where center ice at the old “Aud” was. Now you can skate over that spot and relive countless memories of old games that were played!

3. Ice Bikes of Buffalo – invented and native to Buffalo! For those who are not comfortable skating; now you can rent and ride an ice bike. Similar to a regular bike but designed to glide across the ice.

4. The Winter Village – Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday up to five vendors will be setup selling local wares. Shop and skate local!

5. And last but not least, the ice skating! Celebrate the Buffalo culture and enjoy many winter activities. We can all pretend we are Olympic gold medalists!

 Check out the video from last night’s unveiling!

For more things to do down at Canalside, check out their events page.

Written by Erica Brotz

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