10 Days You Have To Be In Buffalo

There are plenty of good days to be in Buffalo, but what are the best ones? We’ve broken it down into a quick list of days you have to be in the Queen City enjoying all it has to offer on those specific days. Some are holidays celebrated by everyone, some are specific events that last for a couple of days, and some last only a few hours. No matter how you slice it, these are the days you have to spend an experience at least on time while in Buffalo. Full disclaimer, we probably missed some important days, but these are the top ten.


(In No Particular Order)

Dyngus Day

Buffalo’s largely Polish population takes center stage on this day every year. It is easily one of the best times of the year to be in Buffalo. Dyngus Day falls on the Monday after Easter and attracts thousands of visitors to Buffalo’s East Side. A parade, pussy willows, a sea of red and plenty of polish food, beverages and spirits make this day a unique celebration of heritage and culture.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade Day

Not unlike the previously mentioned Dyngus Day, Buffalo’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebration takes center stage. Headlining the festivities is the Sunday parade along Delaware Avenue. Not to take away from the South Buffalo parade, but more people attend the former, so we went with that. This is an awesome spectacle to attend and witness. Green is everywhere you look. Sometimes, with some help from Mother Nature, you get the first chance to spend some time outside in warm weather after winter.

St. Patrick's Day Parade Buffalo, NY

Buffalo Bills Home Opener

September rolls around and everyone is optimistic about the Bills upcoming season and the team’s chances to make the playoffs. No time is more optimistic and anticipated than the home opener. Sellouts are the norm on this day, and even the most casual Bills fan makes their way to Orchard Park and The Ralph to tailgate and walk around through the sea of cars in the parking lots adjoin the stadium. Warmer weather, excitement, and large amounts of alcohol usually add up to a heavy dose of debauchery, but this day is one of the best to be a Buffalonian, especially after a win.

Buffalo Bills Home Opener

Taste Of Buffalo (Saturday)

In downtown Buffalo in the middle of July, thousands of restaurants, vendors and hungry patrons make their way to this great festival. You will find almost 450,000 people between the two days, and you have 12 hours to walk around trying all the best food, beer and wine the region has to offer on the opening Saturday.

Star Wars in Buffalo

Buffalo Bisons Star Wars Night

Yep. This day is extremely underrated. It’s a ton of fun, especially for those who have kids. Head down to a packed Coca-Cola field and enjoy a Bison’s game while wearing your Storm Trooper costume or Rebel Alliance t-shirt. It began in 2008 and has been growing in popularity ever since. Enjoy character appearances, game worn autographed jersey auctions, and top it off with post game on-field battle and fireworks show.


Allentown Arts Festival

Allentown Arts Festival (Saturday)

Both days of this two day festival are great to get out and enjoy Buffalo’s art and music scene, but Saturday gives you one extra hour to experience it all. Since 1958, the Allentown Arts Festival has been a tradition in celebrating Buffalo’s beautiful art scene in an otherwise perceived run down rust-belt region.


Buffalo Wing Festival (Sunday)

This is a two day event, and really either day is great to attend, but Sunday holds the eating competitions, which makes it a must see day. All year long people from all over the country travel to Buffalo for wings, and on this day, we celebrate everything great about them at Coca Cola Field.

Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival



Buffalo Silos City Of Night

City of Night

This one night, multi-disciplinary art event is a truly unique experience in Buffalo. It may not be as established as other events in the area, but it’s everything about what Buffalo is becoming. Among the old grain silos along the Buffalo River, thousands of people gather for an interactive arts and music festival that highlights the creative perspective of Buffalo’s young and revitalized. If there is one day to check out something different, this would be it.

Buffalo Butter Lamb

Good Friday at the Broadway Market

Butter Lambs, meat stands, poultry stands and fresh produce, the Broadway Market has it all. The market is open year round, but on Good Friday it is a sight to be seen. It opens early at 6 AM and lasts all day for you to get all the final pieces for your Easter Sunday dinner.


Music Is Art Festival

The festival started in 2003 and has been going strong ever since. 20,000 people come on this one day from all over to experience the music, art and street fair at Delaware Park’s Marcy Casino.

Music is Art Buffalo

What did we miss? Are these overrated? Let us know your favorite day to be in Buffalo.

Written by Phil


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4 Responses to “10 Days You Have To Be In Buffalo”

  1. King Töad

    Excellent list! I am now resolved to checking out Taste of Buffalo more thoroughly, as well as the Bills home opener, even though I don’t find football at all interesting unless there’s money on the game. The only disagreement I have would be the Allentown Art Festival. I only went once and it was filled with anodyne photos of sunsets and paintings showing bowls of fruit and stuff like that. Not worth the parking hassle.

    If I had to pick one favorite art event, City of Night is much more gritty, sort of like Buffalo itself.

  2. Laurie Brown

    Garden Walk Buffalo, always scheduled for the last FULL weekend in July. Thousands of garden walkers from Western New York and around the world are welcomed into hundreds of beautiful yards and unique urban neighborhoods .

  3. Samantha Spencer

    I would also suggest New Years Eve in downtown Buffalo. I always love going down there to watch the ball drop so put on your mittens, boots and huge winter jacket!


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