The 2nd Review Season 3.95 – Grab Em By The Video Games

The 2nd Review Summary of Podcast #74

Your 2nd Review HostsKaiba & J-Zippo

The Division 2 Confirmed

On March 8, the creative director at Massive Entertainment announced that The Division 2 is in development. Not much else is known at this time but we are hoping there will be some info at E3. For the full statement, click here!

Far Cry 5: Top 5

With Far Cry 5 only a few weeks away, there has been a lot of information hitting the internet about what you can do in the game. Here is the top 5 things that we like about Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 Season Pass

For so many years, games have had some pretty horrible season passes, but this time it looks like Far Cry 5 will finally break the cycle. Click here to find out more about what they offer and watch the reveal trailer.

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Buffalo City Life

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