Issue #28: Super Friends Super Show: Nights

Issue #28: A Marvel Idea! (Marvel Comics Rebirth?; Thanos in leading role; X-Men cartoon; New Dragon Ball Super Arc)

Show Notes:

* With sales way down, Marvel Comics appears to be getting ready to try their hand at the whole Rebirth thing – sure worked for DC Comics, why not just copy it?;

* AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR might take a unique storytelling approach with rumors of Thanos not only being the main villain, but also the main character;

* Marvel and Fox Studios appear to be mending fences, bringing it with renewed speculation and rumors of a brand-new X-Men cartoon series;

* Dragon Ball Super has improved over the last year following it’s tumultuous start, and now it’s looking to pick up even more momentum with its exciting new “Universal Survival Saga!”

… All this, plus more superhero movie news and debate!

Featured Super Friends: Sean Dwyer and Sean Brennan

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